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White Death–a surfcasting rod that the fish wont forget

English version


This is the first time that I write in English here.

Just a way to thank  all of you that are followers of my work and have to suffer with the strange translations of Google clip_image001.

This is a rod from my friend Anthony. It’s a Penn Affinity Twin tip.

This time he just send the rod to me and tell me to do whatever I want to do. Big mistake!

The rod was needing to be repainted because was full of scratches so I decided to paint the blank in white. A white blank it’s like a canvas, you can do million things on it.

I don’t know how my brain works but I started to imagine Anthony fishing after the Cods and the Smooth Hound Sharks and I imagine the fish really scared by Anthony's presence. They know they are going to die so “White Death” just came in. The blank and Anthony are equally white so I fought that was appropriated.

From this point it was easy to imagine the rest to turn this rod in to the Death white stick.

First thing to do was decide what hard ware to use. Alps guides (XN-GREY), Alps aluminum reel seat and a very special butt. A chromed metal piece that gives a scary look to the death stick.

I also decided to make marble wraps.

But enough talking. Let’s see the final result.

As I said before the butt it’s made with a chromed metal piece all jagged with a wood filling covered with the marble effect that was made whit a white base plus two shades of blue and copper. The trim wraps are made with metallic thread in two shades of blue and copper.


The grip is all covered with white ray synthetic leather. It’s a very strong material that can handle with the bad treatment that is going to suffer.


Aluminum reel seat from Alps with the side windows fulfilled with matching finish with the trim wrap colors.


The graphic is a mix of images were the blue, orange and copper are the main colors. In the middle of the blues we can see a skull that is an image present all over the rod. The graphic also has the name of the rod, “White Death” and the phrase “Fish start swimming”. Just a touch of humour.





Cool graphic!

The guide wraps are made with marble effect and metallic thread trims. All the wraps in this rod have a small silver hand painted skull. Lots of work but a really crazy look.


Can you see the skull? No, not the big one, the one on the guide wrap!



That’s all folks!

I hope you like this one as much as I do. Was lots of fun building this one and trying to get in the spirit of a white death.

Hope you enjoy this one Anthony.

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